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If you find yourself asking, “where can I find reputable residential roofing contractors near me in Winter Haven, FL,” the answer is Sellers Roofing Company! For years we’ve been serving the complete roofing demands of customers throughout Winter Haven, Lakeland and the surrounding areas of Florida. Whether you’re dealing with a pesky leak or cleaning up after a hurricane rolls through, we’re ready to assist with all your roofing needs.

We pride ourselves on using the best materials when repairing your roof, and we have the skill to service and maintain all types of roofing styles, including asphalt shingles, tile roofing, slate, metal roofing and much more. We work quickly and with precision to restore the integrity and reliability of your home’s roofing.

It doesn’t matter if you need a simple inspection and assessment of your roof or if the time has come for a complete re-roofing job, count on us to provide you with superb results. Reach us today for an estimate on service and to schedule roofing work for your home. When you choose Sellers Roofing Company, we promise you’ll see the difference.

Complete Residential Roofing Services

Our many years of service to local-area homeowners have made us the premier Winter Haven residential roofing contractors. We’re equipped to deliver any roofing repair or maintenance you need, including the following:

General roofing

Looking for residential roofing contractors near me who can replace missing shingles and damaged flashing? Need an expert to trace and repair a leak? Concerned about your roof’s venting and moisture control? We handle all of the basics, guaranteeing a roof that’s sturdy, reliable and effective at protecting your home.

Wind damage assessment

After a hurricane or other severe storm rips through the Gulf, contact our Winter Haven residential roofing contractors to assess the scope of wind damage to your roofing. We’re available to assist with insurance claims and provide repair work for missing shingles, damaged siding, gutters, downspouts and anything affected by violent winds.

Weather damage repair

Tropical storms and hurricanes leave all kinds of roofing damage in their wake. We’re ready to assess and qualify roofing damage from hail, wind, debris, excess rainfall, lightning, fire and anything else impacting the integrity of your roofing. We’ll collaborate with your insurance company, providing written estimates and repairs to facilitate claims faster.

Drainage and leak repair

Dealing with consistent leaks? Problems with pooling water on your roof or near the base of your home? Call us for a slope and drainage inspection. We’ll determine your roof’s ability to jettison water properly and can make recommendations and repairs that restore its effectiveness. We’re also masters of leak detection and repair!

Preventive maintenance

Nothing protects your roofing like preventive maintenance. If you’re looking for residential roofing contractors near me who can deliver inspections, basic repairs, recommended services and more, look no further than Sellers Roofing Company. We’ll keep your roof in its best condition and ensure you’re apprised of anything that might adversely affect it.

Can I Trust Residential Roofing Contractors Near Me?

When your roof needs repairs, you don’t always have time to compare and evaluate all of the Winter Haven residential roofing contractors out there. The best course of action is simple: Call Sellers Roofing Company and get the peace of mind that comes with quality workmanship and proven expertise. When you need roofing services done right, quickly, the first time, we’re ready to help. Call us with confidence today!

At Sellers Roofing Company, we’re committed to excellence and 100% customer satisfaction. Based in Winter Haven, we serve all local and surrounding areas, including Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee and Largo, FL. We welcome residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike, solving your roofing issues regardless of what they may be. From storm damage and leaks, to re-roofing and new roof installation, our services are backed by best-in-class products and more than a decade of roofing expertise. Let us come to your aid, 24 hours a day!

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